Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Week 8 Summary

Better late than never! Good thing my coach sends me detailed workouts so that I remember the kind of torture I went through 🙂

Monday: Bike – heart rate test! This was a great workout because my numbers plummeted which is AWESOME. I went back and looked at my HR test from the start of training and the rates were so high. This just means I am getting fitter which is always a good thing. It was only a 40 ish minute ride total.

Tuesday: Swim – I did this at work. This was the last day that the pool would be open before break so it was a little busy. I had to share a lane but we were side-by-side so I was okay with that. I took 300 out of the warm up because I needed to get back to work. I did 3,500 yards and it was a good, quick swim. I love the Syracuse University pool. It’s clean, it’s fast, and has huge windows. What more could a swimmer want? Bike 1 hour easy. Nothing too exciting there. I did this in the late afternoon as we got out of work early.

Wednesday: Bike – high cadence ride. The time is slowly creeping up! This was 20 min @ 95-100 rpms, 100-105, and 15 min @ 105 +.  Total time on the bike was 1:19. Why didn’t I just ride to 1:20 to make it even? I also had to lift before the YMCA closed at 12:00 so once I got off my bike I hustled and made it there around 10:45 a.m. Mark met me there. The gym was PACKED. I think people started their New Year’s resolutions early.

Thursday: Christmas! Training doesn’t stop for a holiday. I saved, or rather pushed my workouts out until the afternoon. I rode for an hour and then changed and got ready for a run. We had beautiful weather, so nice that I wore shorts, a long sleeve, gloves and a head warmer and I was good to go. Mark came with me and we did about 30 minutes. We also brought the Go Pro and played around and took some pictures. The Go Pro is awesome! I have a feeling we are going to get some great shots with all the different activities we do.

Friday: Bike – progression ride for 1:30. It’s simple, started in zone 1 and worked my way up to zone 4. This is a lot better with my new HR zones. I didn’t want to punch anyone after the ride. I put off my swim until late Friday night but the pool was empty! It was a simple 2,300 yards.

Saturday: Bike – easy ride! It was weird not having my long ride on Saturday but Matt moved some things around due to the holiday. I also moved the swim I had scheduled to Sunday so I lifted Saturday instead!

Sunday: Bike – long ride. I asked my coach how the hell I was going to get faster. He told me to push it more on my rides. Okay, done. I had an AWESOME 2:30 long ride. I warmed up for 15 minutes and then cruised for 2 hours at a 17 MPH pace. I also was within my HR zones and cadence at 90 RPMS +. I felt strong mentally and physically. I was a little worried about my swim later in the day. I saved 4,100 yards for later. Once I got to the pool I just wanted to crush the workout. Steve joined me. We killed it! My times were FAST. My average pace for the whole workout was 1:33 but within the intervals I crushed the times. I even saw a 1:29 average pace on my Garmin for a bit. I lapped Steve once but he was okay with that. I have been swimming A LOT more yards than him lately. He is still taking it easy in his off-season.


Swim: 9,900 yards

Bike: 10 hours

Run: 30 minutes

Strength: 3 hours (ish)



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