Easy Week, Exhausted Week

This was my first “easy” week for Ironman training! I was looking forward to just being able to take it down a notch. Even though it was my easy week I was exhausted. Saturday morning could not come fast enough. I couldn’t wait to sleep in.

All of my rides were zone 1-2 which was easy. My swims were a little shorter which was nice. Strength training and agility was the same but I love seeing results and myself getting stronger. When I was injured doing CrossFit I would squat to one side because my IT band was so bad. When I squat now my form is perfect and there is no favoring one side. Progress!

I think I need to consume more calories. I am finding that I am starving right before bed, and that when I wake up I am ravenous. I LOVE eating. It’s not that I have a problem or think I am going to gain weight. I just need to eat more! It’s hard adjusting to eating more when I have had a good thing going but Ironman is a whole different beast. I am going to try to work on that from here on out. I probably need to talk to my coach about that, too.

Friday morning’s ride killed me. I don’t know why but I could barely get my legs to move. The ride was an easy 60 minutes at 90+ cadence. I could barely hold onto 90 rpms! I was pissed. I think I was just exhausted. Coach told me not to worry about it unless that feeling persisted. Luckily my rides since then have been MUCH better. I think I was just at the bottom of the workout barrel on Friday morning.

Saturday was my birthday! I am going to write a separate post about that and share some more pictures. I am going to be having a lot more action pictures… Mark got me a great birthday present! More about that later.


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