Black Friday

Black Friday has never been a big deal to me. I think its absurd that people have to work on Thanksgiving. Our country is pretty messed up that we fight each over for “deals” and products that no one really needs.

Mark had to work for most of the day so it was just me and my workouts and a hair appointment!

I slept in and was lazy until I had to ride my bike. Elyssa and I planned on swimming at 11:00 a.m. because I had a hair appointment at 1:30 p.m. and I didn’t want to swim after I had it done!

I had an easy ride for Friday, 60 minutes at 90+ rpms. Again, it was easy but my legs were exhausted! I had no problem keeping my cadence about 90 but I kept checking just to verify that I wasn’t being a slow poke.

After riding I changed and got my swimsuit on and got my stuff ready for the pool. I also made sure to eat something because I knew my stomach would be starving if I didn’t! I made a half a PBJ on some Trader Joe’s bread.

When we got to the pool we realized it was apparently a busy time. There were a lot of high school/college swimmers in the pool. We waited around until a lifeguard came over and asked us our ability. We kind of laughed and explained to her that we were training for an Ironman. She pointed to a lane that she thought would suit us. Circling swimming with 4 people? No thanks. She mentioned everyone got in at the same time. Hard to believe all 8 people jumped in at the same time. There was an older woman in one lane that we figured would be done soon. Luckily a guy in the lane next to her got out. We asked her if she could move over so we could swim together. She moved and we were good to go!

We did an 800 warm-up with some different intervals mixed in. The main set was 300,200,100,200 x 3. We had to use paddles, then fins, then the pull buoy. The last 200 was a fast swim. My arms were so tired! I just felt slow but we moved along pretty well. The first “fast” 200 coach wanted it under 2:54. We made it! I was happy. The next two didn’t happen but I figured 1/3 was pretty good. We had a 200 cool-down which was nice and easy.

I rushed in the shower because I needed to get home to eat (again) before my hair appointment! I changed into some more presentable attired, ate some Thanksgiving leftovers and headed to my hair appointment. I go to CW Gorgeous and see Christina. I love her. I have been using her almost 4 years. She is so good! I don’t think I’ll ever let anyone touch my hair. At my last appointment I had her take me a little darker. I figured it would help with the chlorine reeking havoc on my hair all winter. She did a great job but I just missed my blonde hair! I don’t feel like myself without it. She knew exactly that I wanted to go back to blonde when she saw me. She did a fabulous job as always.

IMG_2628After my hair appointment I came home. Mark and I just worked on our computers. I ordered a few things from The Limited. I also put most of my Betty Designs order together! I wanted to get a few things since we can’t order our Team Betty gear yet. I had a really hard time figuring out what size I would be for the bathing suit. Bathing suits are not returnable so I had to make a decision. I couldn’t order two and pick that way! The measurements put me in a size 30. I laughed because I usually wear a 36 in Dolfin brand. I posted in the Team Betty Facebook page and got a few responses. I gathered that they run a little small, but the 32 measurements just looked a little too big! I rather the suit be a little tight instead of a little lose! Can’t have anything falling out. I didn’t make my decision on the size but I did add the 30 to my cart and I planned on thinking about it a little more. The 20% code was good until Sunday night so I had time to think about it!

Betty CollageThe other items in my cart were the Betty 2 Run Tank, the Signature K.E.G Storage by Specialized, and the Sport Headband in black. I wanted to buy more but restrained myself. I can’t wait for the Team Betty 2015 order! I also can’t wait to see what Kristin designed! I plan on ordering a lot when we can do the team stuff so refraining for now is okay.

I was itching to get out of the house so we got dressed and headed out not having a big plan. We wanted to go somewhere for dinner but once again we were stumped because Syracuse doesn’t have the best places to eat at. We decided to go to the Mission in downtown Syracuse. It’s typical Mexican food but pretty good. Our server was great! He recommended a few things to try and he didn’t steer us wrong.

After dinner we decided to head to Destiny USA – Syracuse’s obnoxious mall. I was pretty sure we went last year on black Friday and that it wasn’t that busy late at night. Well we made it, had no problem parking and headed inside. It wasn’t overly packed. We went to a few stores, didn’t find anything worth buying. We have been talking about buying a new bed, specifically a king sized one. We went to the Sleep Number store and went through the whole process of figuring out what would work for us. There was some crazy deal but we couldn’t make a decision about the bed at that time.

We left and headed home. I wanted something sweet so I figured Friendly’s would be a good place to get some ice cream! Unfortunately when we walked in we were met with a horrible grease smell and no one acknowledged us so we left. I called Carvel but they had already closed. Our next option was Sweet Frog. I don’t love fro-yo. I really like the real thing but Sweet Frog was as close as I could get. Mark and I each got a little. I always expect it to satisfy my sweet tooth more but it just doesn’t!

Once we got home we just got ready for bed and went to sleep!


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