Betty Designs

Team Betty 2015

I can’t remember the exact time that I saw someone wearing a Betty Designs kit. I do remember that I instantly fell in love and wanted to know what it was that I saw.

I am always looking to have clothes that stand out and that are comfortable to wear. I don’t like wearing the same gear that everyone seems to have. Betty Designs, to me, is the perfect brand of clothing for active women (and men)!

I missed the application deadline in 2014 to apply to become a Betty. I made sure that I wouldn’t miss the opportunity in 2015. As soon as I saw the post on the Betty Design’s Facebook and Instagram page I was planning my application. The instructions were to be creative. I wanted to make a video and I enlisted my husband’s help.

I wanted to show Betty Designs that I participate in many activities. Not only do I swim, bike, and run, but I also downhill ski and paddle board. Lucky for me Mark had video of me skiing from our Montana trip in March 2014. We had to film the rest in September. Unfortunately, Mark is usually working the races that I participate in so we didn’t have any footage from actual races!

For the biking we rode on a beautiful day in September. When we got home I threw on my running clothes and attempted a short run. Now, at this time, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture but I figured 15 seconds of running wouldn’t hurt me too badly. I was in pain but sucked it up and got a video of me running (don’t tell my doctor). For the swimming and paddling we headed to one of our favorite small lakes south of Cazenovia. It wasn’t cold out, but the nights had been cold so I knew the water was going to be freezing. First Mark took some footage of me paddling. We were losing daylight so I had to get in the water for my swimming video. The water was freezing but I don’t think it was colder than 55*. I got used to the water pretty quickly and did some swimming. Mark got some good footage and we were done!

Over the next week or so we worked on editing the video. I wanted it to be short enough so that it wasn’t boring, but not too short so that I wasn’t memorable. I think we did a good job! If you want to watch the video you can here:

I also did a write up about me and my Betty like activities. I included pictures, too!

The original submission date was 10/15/14 but it was extended to 10/31/14. I submitted it and hoped for the best! We were e-mailed and told we would know by the middle of November.

When I opened my e-mail I was so excited! I was so happy that I got chosen to represent an amazing company with amazing women. I really look forward to getting to know the Betty team and for new friendships and opportunities.

There is a contract that we have to sign that requires a variety of things we must adhere to. I have no problem with any of the requirements and will be signing and sending that along after I finish this post!

I posted this picture on Instagram, but here it is again!

IMG_2453I already have a bunch of new Betty team member Instagram followers. I really love this crazy social media world we live in. I can’t wait to get my Betty clothing. This excites me more than any other type of clothing. I feel the best in workout gear and I can’t wait to rock Betty Designs.

This crazy triathlon adventure has given me so many opportunities and I am so excited about this one!

Thank you, Betty Designs, for choosing me for Team Betty 2015!


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