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Sunny Sunday in Seattle

Sunday I woke up to rain, but it cleared up and the whole day was sunny which was perfect for the day that we had planned. Sunday was devoted to doing touristy things.

I woke up, showered, and got ready for the day. I did not eat breakfast as we were going to a popular breakfast place in Seattle. It was called Skillet Diner Ballard. Cailin did some research and found it. She made reservations for breakfast. Yes, they take reservations for breakfast and I highly recommend making them! The line out the door was long. The restaurant isn’t huge and everything is made to order so you might be waiting a while.

The menu was amazing! I did not know what to order. I went with the Grits and Belly which was cheddar cheese grits, braised pork belly, and 2 eggs any way you want them. Yes, I did not go light! I thought it would be a small portion. I was dead wrong. It was massive!


All of us could have split my breakfast and still been full! We also ordered 2 of their famous cinnamon rolls and doughnut holes. These are only made on the weekends. The doughnut holes were amazing but we were too full to eat the cinnamon rolls! Our waiter packed them up and we took them with us.


IMG_2224After we rolled ourselves out of the Skillet, we headed to our first attraction of the day, the Space Needle! We picked the perfect day for this. You could see for miles. We could just make out Mount Rainier in the distance, too.


After the Space Needle Cailin and Connor headed to the EMP Museum and I headed to the Pacific Science Center. Once I got to the PSC I realized it geared towards children but it turned out to be good. They had a dinosaur display (I was obsessed when I was little), a butterfly house, different animals, and a bunch of other exhibits I forgot about already.



After the museums we were on a mission to find the Fremont Troll. It’s a sculpture that is under a bridge in Fremont which is a part of Seattle. You can read more about it here. It’s a huge tourist attraction. There are cars parked everywhere. We were lucky we got a spot so close.


After visiting the troll we headed back into downtown Seattle. We parked and walked around to kill some time before our boat tour. It was so beautiful out, I was actually hot! I was expecting much worse weather. I think it was nicer there than Syracuse.

Our boat tour was one of my favorite tourist parts of the trip. We did the trip with Argosy Cruise Harbor. It was part of the Seattle City Pass that we purchased (I recommend the City Pass as it was only $64 which allowed you 6 different visits). Our boat tour guide was great. I enjoyed listening to him. He was very knowledgeable and wasn’t corny, which was nice.


Above is a photograph of the Space Needle from the boat tour. Like I said, it was a perfect day in Seattle for the boat tour!

After we were done with the cruise we headed back into town and walked around. We didn’t find anything too exciting so we headed back towards Bellevue for some Mexican food. I used my favorite app (when it comes to reviews and food), Yelp, to find our dinner spot. We went to Cactus Restaurant. We didn’t have to wait for a table which was great. We were all ravenous. After our large breakfast, we didn’t really eat lunch! We were given salsa and chips. Chips are always deadly, they were polished off immediately. Our food was very good. Cailin said it was some of the best she has ever had! I enjoyed my meal, too.

After dinner, even though we were stuffed to the brim, we went to Whole Foods. We got some dessert, and I got a green juice for the morning. I felt like I needed to eat something semi-healthy seeing as though I hadn’t worked out or been good about what I was eating!


Cailin and her family dropped me off and I ate most my cookie (one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten), forced myself to stay up and watch Revenge (that show is insane), and then went to sleep!


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