Bellevue · Lululemon · Pike Place Market · Seattle · Whole Foods

Saturday in Seattle

Since I was on east coast time, I woke up VERY early. That never happens, HA. I woke up around 5 a.m. but tried to go back to sleep. I eventually woke up, got dressed, and figured out breakfast.

When I checked in I received 2 vouches for breakfast and appetizers for Saturday and Sunday. Since Mark is so fancy with all of his points, I had access to the concierge level. On the weekends there isn’t food, just water, coffee, tea, soft-drinks, and fruit. The vouchers allowed me to use the restaurant Saturday and Sunday. I went with oatmeal for breakfast. For some reason whenever I travel I always like the oatmeal that is served. It’s probably not the greatest, but I always enjoy it! I ate and went back upstairs to get ready for the day.

Cailin and her family picked me up and we headed back into Seattle. We went back to the Pike Place Market so that we could show her parents around. IMG_2190

One of the first things we saw with them were the massive doughnuts that we saw the day before. Karen kept telling us to get one and we kept refusing. We turned around for 1 minute and then she appeared with a huge glazed doughnut! Five of us devoured the whole thing. I don’t usually eat doughnuts, but it was delicious! Mark would have been in heaven if he was there.


One of my favorite parts of the market was the flowers. They are so beautiful and so inexpensive! If I lived there I would always have fresh flowers in my house. Random, but the flower in the middle is KALE! Who knew kale was so pretty?


We also watched the famous fish tossing. The tossing is like a show! The workers put on a great performance.

Next, we headed to the gum wall. I have seen pictures of it before but never thought about how gross the concept was! There is gum EVERYWHERE in the alley. I was horrified, Cailin was not. She chewed her piece of gum and got right up to a spot that was somehow gum free.IMG_2195


We walked around and got some samples of food. I bought a bar of soap and lavender lotion from a stand in the market. Lavender is one of my favorite smells. It’s so calming and I need that!

We headed down to the Seattle Great Wheel Ferris wheel. It was a cloudy day but it was still nice to see the city and the harbor from the wheel.


We then walked back and went into the city. We did A LOT of walking. I, of course, knew that there was a Lululemon and had to go. The store we have back home is super tiny so I never go. I did some serious damage to my wallet with only 3 items. I got two comfortable tops, could wear them to yoga, but I probably won’t. I also got a pair of yoga pants. They come just below my knee and are grey. It’s hard for me to buy long pants at any store because I am so short and I don’t have patience to wait to order them or to get them hemmed.

Once we were done exploring Seattle we left and headed back to Bellevue. We all wanted a snack before dinner, so we went to Whole Foods. I was so happy to see one. I went straight for the hot bar/salad bar and got a nice little assortment of things. I also got a cookie for later. I had to indulge!


I had plans to meet up with one of my friends, Tiffany, from college for dinner. Cailin and her family had reservations at a fancy fish restaurant in Seattle. They dropped me off and I did some relaxing before dinner.

Tiffany picked me up and she drove me back to her apartment. We were able to walk from her apartment into town which was great! No worrying about parking. We found a good brewery, read the menu, and we were sold. We had a great meal and caught up. I haven’t seen Tiffany in almost 4 years! We went back to her house. Her husband, Corey, drove us around and showed me where the used to live. They had an amazing view of the Space Needle! They drove me home and I went right to bed. I was so tired! The time change helps in the morning but it does not help at night, that’s for sure!



My hair looks so dark in the picture with Tiffany! I swear it’s not that brown. I already have my next appointment to take my back to blonde. I miss it already.



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