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First Class & First Day in Seattle

Unfortunately the next few posts won’t have all that much physical activity involved but I still wanted to write about my trip to Seattle!

First, why did I go to Seattle? One of my best friends, Cailin,  and her husband were going to Seattle to meet up with her parents. She currently resides in Montana. Flying into Montana is never cheap. Tickets are at least $500 if not more than that. They decided on Seattle as it was cheaper for flights and only an 8 hour drive from Montana. I was randomly telling Cailin how I wanted to come see her and she told me I should just come to Seattle. I thought, why the hell not? I feel like part of their family so it was an easy decision. Mark made sure we could use points for airfare and a hotel so it wouldn’t be too expensive. Mark wanted to come but his vacation days have all been used up for this year.

I flew out of Syracuse at 6:30 a.m. Mark dragged my sleep butt out of bed. I brushed my teeth, made sure I looked decent and we left for the airport. It takes no time at all to get to our airport that early! We were there in 20 minutes.

On the way to Chicago and Seattle I was first-class! Mark was able to arrange that, again, thanks to his points. The first flight was pretty quick. I just read my book on my Kindle. Before I left I made sure to download another book just in case I couldn’t get WiFi in the airport. My second flight was to Seattle and I didn’t have that much time in-between planes so I just went to the next gate and got on the plane about 10 minutes later. I felt so fancy waltzing up to the gate when first-class passengers were called.


I had a window seat. First-class is so nice! Lots of leg room, the seats actually go back so you are comfortable. There are little trays to hold your drinks and a tray for a computer, food, etc. A flight attendant was always coming by asking if I needed anything. Alcohol is free in first class, but I did not indluge. Since we were on an early flight we were served breakfast. I was a little freaked out by heated food on a plane but it was free and I was  hungry. We had a choice of some croissant or egg strata. I went with the egg. It came with home-fries, chicken sausage (I think), your choice of bread (I got a biscuit), and fruit.


I didn’t eat everything, but it was all pretty good for being served in an airplane! I did start to get nervous when people in first-class started to get up to use the bathroom. I was hoping we all weren’t going to get sick. I felt fine. I had a little stomach ache later but nothing horrible.

I finished one of my books. I was reading One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. It was pretty good. A little slow in the middle but it finished well. I started reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. She wrote Gone Girl. Dark Places was written before Gone Girl. It’s about a brutal murder, so it’s quite dark. I am sure it will end up being a good read, though.

I had a snack. These have turned into my favorite granola bars! Not too sweet and I really like the texture and all of the ingredients.


I always get nostalgic flying over the mountains. It takes me back to when I lived out west. I had to snap a few pictures from above! The line in the photograph was not a shadow from the plane. It was outside! I couldn’t figure out what it was.


The flight was 4 hours! I definitely was getting antsy and just wanted to be done traveling. We landed in Seattle a little ahead of schedule. Cailin and her husband, Connor, were waiting for me outside!

The weather was the typical Seattle weather you read about, drizzly, but comfortable temperatures. We drove right to Seattle. The traffic is insane compared to central New York! I would go crazy if I had to deal with that on a daily basis.

We found a parking space pretty easily and walked around. We ended up at the famous Pike Place Market, of course. We looked around quickly. We had to go back to the airport and pick up Cailin’s parents.


Before we left I spotted this doughnut and had to take a picture for Mark! He loves his sweets, especially doughnuts.

IMG_2180We made it back to Sea-Tac airport and picked up Karen and Bill. They are my favorite parents, besides mine, of course! We drove into Bellevue to our hotels. Since Mark booked mine on points, I stayed at the nearest Hilton hotel. It was only about 5 minutes away from Cailin and her family.

We made a plan to relax, shower, and get ready for dinner. We headed to the Crab Pot for dinner. We got seated right away. I am not a huge fish lover, unless its fried, but I still like fish n’ chips every now and then. It was a good dinner! I was exhausted so they dropped me off at my hotel. Little did I know they sneaked away to Whole Foods for dessert. Shame on me for being so tired!


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