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A Swim, Bone Scan Follow-Up, and Spin Class

Thursday night swim was just me and four of the guys that usually show up. I split a lane with John. We are just about the same pace at every swim drill, it works out well. We did smash elbows a few times, that’s how close we are in speed.


I added an extra 200 yards on to the workout so that I would get to 3,000 yards for my swim workout. That ended the week with 4 swims for me. That’s a lot considering I barely get 3 in during triathlon training! I am getting tired of always smelling like a pool, but if that’s the worst thing about it, I’ll survive.

Friday morning I had my “real” follow-up at the doctors. He showed me my bone scans, I had a nice big black spot on my tibia. Good to know there actually is an issue, I guess. He told me 8 weeks off of running but to account for the 2 that I had already taken off. A little less than 6 weeks to go. Swimming and biking are fine, but I just need to be careful and keep Ironman Lake Placid in my head at all times. I don’t want to be injured for my goal race.

IMG_2098 I decided to go to a spin class at the Y after work on Friday. I don’t really enjoy any of the classes there anymore (except for Chin and my MIL) but I wanted to sweat. I went to the 5:30 p.m. class. It was decent. I got to sweat and got a nice workout in. I can’t crank the tension up too much or my leg starts to hurt so I keep the tension at 15-16 and do my own thing. I did tell the instructor that I had an injury so she didn’t think I was being a jerk not following her class. At the end of class she asked me if the fracture was from running, and told me that she had one as well. Running is brutal if you’re not careful! I don’t blame my injury on running. I blame ME for not being smart about my training.



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