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Confirmed Fracture & Lots of Swimming!

Well, I was contacted by my doctor Monday morning and his exact words were, ” Stress fracture on the right tibia and a stress reaction on the left foot. Over-training.”

I already knew that, but having it confirmed still stung a little. I was upset. I wish I would have gone to see my doctor when the pain in my shin started, maybe I should have eased up on my long runs. The list goes on! The good news is that I can swim and bike, and do pretty much anything that doesn’t hurt. Swimming there is no pain. Biking I have some pain when I stand, so I will just avoid that until I am healed. I have my real follow-up appointment on Friday so I am looking forward to knowing more. Today marks 2 weeks since the last time I have run. I am hoping those 2 weeks count towards however long he tells me the recovery is. I am guessing 6-8 weeks. That could put me back running November 5 or November 19. In the big scheme of thing, it isn’t horrible. There was no “better” time for this to happen as that is when I will begin Ironman training.

I left work a little early on Monday and went to the University pool. It was pretty empty! I had my own lane for most of my swim. Once the time is past 5 p.m. I can count on not many people showing up as the pool closes at 6 p.m. I did a workout that I found on It’s an awesome blog with hundreds, if not thousands of different swim workouts! I highly recommend checking it out if you are bored of your usual routine or need a good workout. I did 3,000 yards and felt pretty good! My watch once again hated the kicking, it was off by 75 yards. When I got out of the pool I saw a woman who swam at our endurance swims on Tuesday and Thursday evening’s last winter. She coaches swimming. She mentioned that she teaches stroke clinics, I might need to give a clinic a try. I am a great swimmer, compared to other triathletes. Put me next to a “real” swimmer and I probably look like I need a lot of work.

Tuesday used to be marathon practice night which involved speed-work. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate. I did want to go and talk with my friends and grab my running singlet that finally came in with the group order! I was hoping to wear it this weekend at my marathon but that isn’t happening, obviously. I also picked my friend’s up. Mine is the blue one. I stayed and watched them begin their 50/55/60 min tempo run. For some reason I didn’t miss running (I hate tempo runs)!


I headed to swimming. There are triathlon endurance classes, or masters classes (everyone calls them something different) on Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings at the East YMCA. I have been going for about three years now. There is a coach and a workout. We did 2,800 yards during the workout and I added on 200 yards more to get to 3,000. In the back of my mind all I am thinking about is when I have to start doing 4,000 yards. Yikes! I can swim 3,000 yards in less than an hour, so I wonder how long my 4,000 yard swims are going to be.

I told myself that I was going to force myself to get up early to swim or take a cycling class. Neither happened. My coach did tell me to use this month as “fun” exercise time. Soon, I will be swimming, biking, and running my brains out so I might as well do what I want while I can! That was my excuse for not getting up.

I had a hair appointment after work, but I knew I would be starving if I didn’t eat something so I went to my new favorite juice bar, Koinonia! They have a great feature where you can text them your order. When I showed up my order was in the fridge waiting for me. I ordered the Pearlman. It has banana, peanut butter, coconut milk, yogurt, and your choice of chocolate, hazelnut chocolate spread, or cacao. I went with regular chocolate. I had a smoothie somewhere else and I didn’t love the cacao. I also bought a peanut butter energy ball. Yes, $1.50 is a little steep but they taste so good!


My hair appointment was great. I went a little darker, it’s that time of the year! The pool also beats my blonde hair up, so I might as well take a little blonde break until the spring. I hate admitting we are entering that time of the year, so sad that summer is over.

Nashville is on at 10 p.m. so I am trying to stay awake! Mark is also editing a video of me, it’s a little project for a company that I love! Hopefully I will have details in a few months.


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