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Bone scan, mountain bikes, a movie, and the weekend!

I need to get into a better grove of writing every day! It’s hard for me to sit down at the end of the night when I am usually exhausted.

On Thursday I worked half a day and then went to get my bone scan. I had an appointment at 12:45p.m. I was called right on time. At first my technician took a few pictures, then I was injected with a radioactive substance that would help with imaging. I then was free until 3:00p.m., that’s when I was supposed to go back for the actual imaging.

I went to get my wedding rings cleaned. I always love when they are cleaned. They look brand new! I still had time to kill so I went to Barnes and Noble. I worked there from the time I was a sophmore in high school until I was a junior in college. It was like a second home to me! I still keep in touch with my boss and wanted to see if he was there. I was in luck, he was! We talked for a while and then I was on my way. I did do a slow drive by the new Trader Joe’s. Syracuse FINALLY has one. Syracuse is pretty behind the game on this. The store didn’t open until Friday so it wasn’t crazy, yet! I made my back to the doctors. When I got back to the doctors I ate this new to me kids granola bar. I really like the kids bars because I feel like they are smaller and less in sugar (sometimes).


I read my Kindle for a while until I heard someone say, “what the heck are you doing here?” It was one of my friends who is a triathlete. She was seeing her doctor for an injury. We are all tough on our bodies! She reminded me about the race we did in August, the Old Forge Triathlon. She was 2nd overall and I won my age group and was 8th overall. We realized that should be another qualifying race for USAT Nationals next summer! We are thinking of going again. We have some times to crush and performances to improve upon. I think we get notified late in the fall.

I was called into finish my bone scan a little after 3:00p.m. The imaging took about an hour and fifteen minutes. I felt like it was an eternity. I am glad it wasn’t similar to a CAT scan or MRI. Those make me so uncomfortable and claustrophobic. This scan was all open. My technician was great so it was nice to be able to chat with someone the whole time. She showed me one of the scans and you could see a white splotch on my tibia which indicates there may be something going on. My follow up is on Friday so my doctor will be able to tell me for sure.

At this point I am guessing it’s a stress fracture. It still hurts, not as much but still enough to wince if I try to move quick. Boo. Also, my foot is better but it still hurts. I would love to know what the heck is going on. I can’t have my body failing me! I have an Ironman to train for.

After work Friday I headed home. The past two Fridays Mark and I have just fooled around on our mountain bikes. This week I refused to go in and change so I rode around in my dress and in my sandals. We also were not wearing helmets #fail. Do as I say, not as I do! I know it’s stupid, but I’ll work on that. We had some fun, I am trying to get better at doing wheelies. Need to make sure I can keep up with my husband.

IMG_2063After fooling around on our bikes we went to Wegmans for dinner. Then, the most exciting NEW thing in Syracuse was on my list: Trader Joes! Mark and I braved the store. It was very busy, but we found a parking spot and made our way in. We didn’t get too much, now that we have one I realized I don’t need to buy the whole store all at once. We got some popcorn for the movie and a few other snacks for home. Then we were on our way to the movies.

We went to see Gone Girl. I read the book and LOVED it except for the darn ending. Regardless, I wanted to see the movie. It was very good and very similar to the book. Mark slept most of the time but he did wake up during one of the disturbing parts, oops! I forgot to mention, at the mall where the movies are, there is a haunted house for Halloween season. The creepy “characters” were running around the parking lot and chasing people. As much as I love that stuff, I was not in the mood so we sneaked inside with no issue.

Saturday morning I headed to the one of the only cycling class I enjoy at the gym with my mom. Our friend teaches it and no one can teach a class like him. It is super intense. Most people are too afraid to take his class. I haven’t been inside on a spin bike in a long, long time. I hate being on the spin bike, it just feels so awkward compared to my bike. When we did standing, my leg started to hurt so I told him and he told me just to sit and do the workout. Darn leg! It was still a fabulous, sweaty workout.


Mom said she wanted a smoothie, and instead of going to this place downtown I remembered there was a new place across from Wegmans. It’s called Koinonia. Um, why haven’t I gone here before? Amazing smoothies and juices, they even make food! I am in love. They open at 8 a.m. M-F so I will be able to swing in before work sometimes. Sorry to my wallet in advance of my new obsession.

Errands filled up the rest of our day (including another TJ stop). Then we were lazy, ate dinner, watched some TV and went to bed. Crazy, I tell ya!

Sunday started with me and mom going to get some pumpkins and apples at a local farm. Then we headed to good old Wegmans and Target. It’s my grandpa’s 92nd birthday tomorrow so she was having him over with the whole family later in the day.

Once we got home I headed back out to get a swim in. The pool was empty, just the way I like it. I forgot I missed the master’s swimming class this morning so I was lucky and had a workout to do! I did the “B” workout. At my gym, A is the longest/hardest, then B, then C. I will need to be attacking the A workout when I start my real training. Coach says I will be doing a few 4,000 yard swims per week! IMG_2070

I went to put on my Syracuse 70.3 swim cap and it snapped. I like wearing that one! Good thing I have backup in my bag. I ran back to my lockers and got another one. I warmed up with a 300 yard swim. My Garmin said 2925 yards at the end of the workout, it should have been 3,000 yards. The 100 yards of kicking pissed it off, again! At least I knew exactly where it went wrong. I still need to read more about that issue.


I snapped a quick #afterswims selfie in the locker room. Good thing no one was in there or I wouldn’t have! I feel like all swimmers, especially triathletes have the same uniform. Swim cap from a triathlon, Dolfin Uglies bathing suit, and a Garmin or watch of some sort. I like to use my old sorority flip flops for my gym sandals!

The rest of the day was filled with food and family. I always love when we are all together. My mom has 5 brothers and sisters and I have 10 cousins, and two second cousins. Most are still around the area which is awesome!

Time to contemplate my workout for tomorrow and what to wear for work.. and hopefully stay awake for Revenge!


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