Testing Out a New Pool

I decided to try the pool at the University I work at. I have been there for almost four years and haven’t tried it! Shame on me, I know. I have only swam at the YMCA on my side of town. The hours at the University are weird, but they were open 4-6p.m. today so I left work a little early and checked it out.

The gym is so outdated, but lots of space! I found a locker and was out on the pool deck in no time. There were a few full lanes but right as I walked up three people left, score! I jumped in and started my workout.

I found an easy swim workout on triathlete.com for today. I typed it up, printed it, and put it in a Ziploc bag so it wouldn’t disintegrate at the pool.

Swim Workout Wednesday – Ignore My Spelling Mistake!

I always get anxious that someone is going to want to circle swim. I am fine splitting a lane but not circle swimming. It totally throws off my workout and just doesn’t work.  Luckily I only split a lane with someone for a few minutes. Then I was on my own. My workout was pretty easy.  This was only my second swim back in the pool since … May? Also only my second swim since the Old Forge Triathlon. I slacked off when training for my marathon, that’s for sure.

I have noticed that my Garmin is not that accurate in the pool. It does not like when I do kicking drills. It’s fine with regular swimming and pulling. I need to do some research on Garmin forums. This means that I still have to count yards, ugh! I have to focus on not losing count. So much for relying on the Garmin. I know that I swam 2600 yards but my Garmin didn’t agree with me.

Swim Data

I was out of the pool before 6pm. I showered, walked back to my office, got my other bags and headed home. I was starving, so I ate an apple. I don’t love apples, but I was desperate for a snack before dinner.

Pre-Dinner Snack

I got home and made dinner. I had chicken marinating since last night. I also made some balsamic honey glazed carrots to go with it. The chicken is actually a recipe from Runner’s World magazine, Southern Unfried Chicken. So good!

Now I am catching up on Grey’s Anatomy waiting for Nashville to start!


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